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Kii keyboard 1.2.24 APK

ANDROID APPS, Updated : October 21, 2014

Kii Keyboard is an all new alternative keyboard on Google Android. It combines the best features from other android keyboards like Swiftkey, Swype, GO keyboard, Emoji Keyboard, Thumb keyboard, Jelly Bean keyboard and Better keyboard into an all-in-one package.

?ALL premium features are free to use, but they will be reset every hour. Upgrade to premium via the in-app purchase to remove such interruption?

?Main features:

?Emoji Keyboard: support messaging to ios5, ios6, ios7
?Best all-in one keyboard optimized for both phone and tablets
?Accurate and smart keyboard predictions
?User defined text shortcuts
?Extra number key row
?Extra arrow key row
?Swiftkey like next word prediction
?Gesture keyboard control
?Swype like gesture input
?Thumb Keyboard like split keyboard layouts
?Support many keyboard layouts: PC, Compact qwerty, T9, Dvorak, Azerty, Colemak
?Support iOS6 emoji input
?8 build-in ..

Androidesk 4.1.9 APK

ANDROID APPS, Updated : October 20, 2014

Androidesk,the NO.1 wallpaper app in China.
Androidesk provides massive, free, awesome,HD wallpapers and selected livewallpapers for the android mobile phones.

-The only wallpaper app who has more than 60 million users .
-Browse over 300,000+ hd wallpapers.
-Adding 1000+ hd wallpapers daily.
-300+ categories/subcategories, easy to use.
-Best collection of popular live wallpapers.

-One click,wallpaper automatically matches your screen
-Downloading the FREE and AMAZING wallpapers
-Searching efficiently
-Fun labels, fun users interactions
-Saving online, saving your flow
-Local albums management, set as wallpaper more conveniently&fast
-One click wallpaper changer online, meet surprise
-Automatic wallpaper changer
-NO ADs, NO plugin.
-Feedback/Report a problem dialog.


MateriaL Theme 5.0 APK

ANDROID APPS, Updated : October 20, 2014

MateriaL Theme is designed to work with the latest CM11 Theme Engine.
Trying to give your device, the best look of the latest Android Design Lines.
- Minimalist.
- Based on Material Design.
- Themed Framework.
- Themed SystemUI.
- Animated Checkboxes.
- Android Lollipop Ringtone, Notification and Alarm.
- Android Wear/L inspired bootanimation.
- Moonshine icons.
- Over 18 themed apps.
Check out the Official IdeaL Themes Wallpapers here: http://bit.ly/1pdGiLm
Join the Official Community for announcements, issues report, and features request ..

Alive Wallpaper 3.1.5 APK

ANDROID APPS, Updated : October 20, 2014

1.Alive Wallpaper?the first ad-free platform presenting exquisite live wallpapers.
2. Pure manual trial and selection guarantee the high quality of every single piece of work.
3.Only one tap of screen to change the live wallpaper on your free will.
4. Partial animation saves your power without any less charm of your screen.
5.Come to us right way! An exquisite?easy?power-saving and ad-free Alive Wallpaper is waiting for your wonderful experience.

Google Play : Alive Wallpaper 3.1.5 APK
Download : Alive Wallpaper 3.1.5 APK.apk